– Mobilisation 15 novembre CRA Coquelles-Calais –

Mobilisation for the 15th of november in front of the Detention Center Coquelles-Calais

Call for decentralised action in front of all detention centers

Detention centers are the principal tools of nation states to achieve their politics of harrassment, dehumanisation and deportation of foreigners that are judged as unwanted. The one in Couquelles, situated behind the police station of the PAF (border police) next to the Cite Europe (a huge commercial center where everything is being done to attract british tourists and consumers), is a prison just for foreigners. It entails a special court inside (the annexe of Boulogne) where quick decisions on the destinies of human beings who’s only crime consists of being born elsewhere, are taken without representation.

In 2012, 44 000 people have been detained by the french state in CRAs (administrative detention centers) spread over the whole french territory. This means thousands of people, among them families with minors, are locked up in places of deprivation of liberty.

For years the associations supporting the migrants have alerted the public about the numerous physical and moral violations of human dignity of the persons imprisoned in the CRAs and the waiting zones of the airports. The last report of « Open Access Now » relayed by the CIMADE, « the hidden face of detention camps in Europe » is particularly revealing. Migrants are often moved out by force from the french territory after their detention (56 000 removals in 2012). Such institutional violence results in suicides and other acts of desperation like hunger strikes, mutilations, but also protest actions by the detainees that oppose their living conditions and the physical abuse they suffer at the hands of the police inside the CRAs. On top of deportation some equally face the risk of death : just recently on 21st August 2014 one detainee of the CRA Vincennes was killed by the police while being transported to the airport.

We remind that the migrants are persons fleeing from distraous living conditions or that simply want to live a different life. We remind that in the 19th century millions of Europeans have immigrated in all directions, fleeing from the misery on the « old continent » We remind that the wealth of occidental countries is also based on the plundering and the exploitation of the resources and populations of the regions where the migrants come from. The places of imprisonment, the CRAs, facilitate the capitalist system in its control of populations. They are part of the security industry financed by the European Union and supported by national and multnational companies that make massive profits from it. The CRAs, as all other places of imprisonement, are the consequence of capitalist barbarism (the militarisation of the borders caused the death of 3500 people during the last three years according to Amnesty International).