Two More Deaths On The Border

Last Wednesday a 22 year old Sudanese man was severely injured after jumping off a bridge, in an attempt to gain access to a truck. He died from his injuries a couple of days later in hospital. His friends and community are grieving at the loss.

This news is coming just a few days after the death of a 16 year old girl from Ethiopia, who was killed trying to cross the highway.

This tragic news serves as another reminder that the reality of borders involves constant violence and death. In Calais we are aware of at least 12 deaths since January. Whilst the tragedy that occurred off the coast of Lampedusa in October last year has lead to a greater awareness and discussion of the consequences for those who cross into Fortress Europe are facing, deaths occurring within Europe are still largely ignored. In their report published in September 2014, the International Organization on Migration only recorded 7 deaths on internal borders in the EU.

We will not forget the lives who are lost on this border. We will never forget