A young Sudanese drowns in a canal in Calais

On Friday 26th September a young person from Sudan, who was only about 20 years old, tragically died after drowning in a canal in the centre of Calais.

In the evening at around 7pm he had been with others next to the quai de l’Escaut when he fell into the canal. Two friends jumped in after him to try to rescue him but they could not find him as he could no longer be seen on the surface of the water. They called for help and the emergency services arrived with diving equipment to search below the water, but by the time they found the body it was too late. For 40 minutes they tried to resuscitate him but he had already died.

This person was quite new in Calais and had been living on the streets and in squats for about a month.

At the weekend a ceremony was held in one of the squats in his memory.

It is another wasted life on the violent streets of the Calais border and a tragic loss to family and close friends in Sudan, France and elsewhere. When a person dies it sends shock waves through communities in and outside of Calais, to friends and others still living through this situation.

This is now at least the 10th death this year of a person forced to live on the streets of the Calais border.