Fascist attacks

Since the fascist demo there has been an escalation of attacks by fascists. In the days after, people say a group of Sudanese were beaten up in broad day-light in the Lidl car park by fascists, with four people being hospitalised.

On September 17th fascists attack showers for exiles managed by Secours Catholique, see here : http://www.nordlittoral.fr/accueil/nouvel-incendie-sur-l-aire-de-douches-des-migrants-ia0b0n139599

On Friday 19th/ Saturday 20th fascists attack an eqyptian squat with molatovs cocktails.Four young Calaisiens 18 to 20 were arrested for throwing the molotovs on the squat in Calais Bleriot Avenue. The trial has been adjourned to October 13. An escalation of attacks has clearly followed from the neo-Nazis demo on September 7th, where hundreds of fascists openly rallied against ‘migrants’ in the city.