Demonstration in Calais 12th July

Never again ?!

We thought that we had witnessed the worst in 2009 with the destruction of the Afghan jungle; the mass arrest of 278 of its inhabitants and their coordinated detention across the whole of France. However, this Wednesday 2 July 2014 the state showed how much further it can go. At 6am the CRS, PAF, Gendarme, and the Police Nationale undertook massive coordinated evictions and raids against the migrant population of Calais.

Using the cover of an eviction operation with an undisclosed date, 600 migrants were pepper sprayed, insulted, humiliated, terrorised, and detained. All witnesses of the eviction were violently removed from the site of the arrests. They were escorted onto buses and driven out of Calais, without having the least idea of their final destination. 200 people are still in detention centres, and those who were lucky enough to have been released, came out traumatised.

This show of force by the police is a result of a wish to disperse migrants so that they give up on their desire to travel to the country of their choice. It is an operation which reminds us of previous fascist periods, that generations have promised to no longer accept. We must re-mobilise a resistance.

Today in Calais, once again, migrants are being chased from the town. The majority of people are now in the peripheries – in places where police harrassment can be enacted to its fullest, where there is no-one to witness it. This situation sets us back 10 years, and we cannot accept that the many gains we have fought for, are being swept away.

We call upon everybody to come to Calais to oppose this unprecidented wave of oppression.

Come to Place d’Armes at 2pm on Saturday the 12th of July, for a demonstration against mass roundups and in solidarity with those detained and evicted.

And stay for the following days to construct a collective response so that this form of opression does not return to being the norm