Fascist demonstration called THIS SUNDAY in Calais.

This Sunday 13th April, the neo-nazi group, “Sauvons Calais” (Save Calais) has announced a demonstration at 14:30 on Place d’Armes, a central square in Calais, against “mass immigration, insecurity, pro-migrant people and corrupt journalists”.

This demonstration is also being called and supported by Thomas Joly, the leader of Parti de la France[1] and by Alexandre Gabriac the founder of Jenunesses Nationalistes and former member of the Front National.

Last summer the young nationalist movement, driven by Alexandre Gabriac, was dissolved by the French state after Anti-fascist Clement Meric was killed in a fascist attack in Paris. Gabriac was also evicted from the Front National in 2011 for making nazi salutes and having swastika tattoos.

The demonstration in Calais is being promoted as a solidarity demo with local fascist, and member of Sauvons Calais, Kevin Reche, who was last month spot lighted in the media for having swastika tattoos[2]. His supporters claim he was a victim of media harassment.

Sauvons Calais have been active in Calais since 25th October 2013. Their emergence came just two days after Natasha Bouchart, the local Mayor, sent a public message denouncing squats opened by and lived in by migrant communities and No Borders in Calais[3].

Since, Sauvons Calais have been developing a consistence presence in Calais. They have held 2 demonstrations and last month were responsible for multiple attacks on a squat in Calais which included throwing Molotov’s in an attempt to burn down the house and throwing stones, destroying the building for over 5 days[4].

Sauvons Calais have been using their facebook group to mobilise local fascists to post pictures and target squats where migrant communities are living. Following international pressure and campaigns to close the group last month they announced that they were disbanding.  However this month the facebook page has been re-opened.



Counter demonstrations have been called for Sunday 13th April by No Borders and the collective Calais Ouverture et Humanité.

No Borders have called for a counter demonstration on Sunday and a presence in Calais for the weekend in solidarity with affected migrant communities and to show that these dangerous and racist ideologies are not the prevalent opinion.

See: https://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/defend-the-squats-defend-ourselves-defend-the-62/

Calais Ouverture et Humanité call a manifestation for tolerance, peace and respect. The manifestation will take place at 2.30pm in the parking area next to the big migrant camp, also known as the Salam or Syrian camp, on Boulevard des allies.

See: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Calais-Ouverture-et-Humanit%C3%A9/174026419459683  and https://www.facebook.com/events/223304217865073/?ref=22

Look for all possibilities of resistance.


Some ideas:

** Come to Calais to join the struggle on the ground. To get in touch with No Borders call 06 45 46 59 86 (from France) or 00 33 6 45 46 59 86 (outside France). Or email  calais_solidarity@riseup.net.

** ** The facebook and blog of Sauvons Calais should be taken out of action along with other sites of their Nazi friends. Numerous people have reported the Sauvons Calais page to facebook for harassment and threats (to do this, click on the flower next to the ‘message’ icon). Facebook have refused to take the page down. If you know other ways to help, please do.

** These fascist sites are also potentially full of information about the attackers, for example names, telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, contacts, etc.

** Finally, we remember that the struggle against borders, and against a world of controls, surveillance and oppression, does not stop with particular fascist gangs. We equally invite you to take action wherever you are against all those who are part of the construction of this totalitarian world, including the French and other governments, the European border police force Frontex, mercenary corporations such as G4S, Serco, Mitie and others who run migration prisons and border controls, and all those individuals and companies who profit from their actions.


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