Bikes without borders: Call-out to bring bikes to Calais

We have started to build up a bike workshop in a new space in Calais.


We have some basic tools and some second hand parts. Everyone is eager to build and fix bikes to be able to get around and make daily life easier. People are coming everyday to search for bike possibilities and fix what we have with very limited resources. The only tools we have now are basic DIY tools but not bike tools.

It is the perfect time to bring bikes to Calais as the space we have is big for working and storing parts.

Wish list:

– bikes! (in any condition)

– wheels, tyres and a lot of inner tubes

– brake parts

– DIY and bike tools

– spare parts

– lights (long lasting)

– lamps for night work (rechargable, not electric)

– bike locks

Second hand tools or parts are great, everything is possible in Calais! We don’t know how long the space will last so hurry.

Contact to let us know when you will come and to ask any questions:

06 45 46 59 86 (from inside France)     00 33 6 45 46 59 86 (from outside France)

For general updates: