On Sunday one person got stabbed to death on the motorway outside Calais where trucks pass on route to England. On Saturday night another person shot, injured but survived, in a parking lot outside of Calais.  Image

This is a killing regime. This death will not be forgotten.


the week – 13th March.

A lot of people arrived in Calais with tensions in Dunkerque. Difficulties with crossing have intensified tense relations in parking lots.  The police have been much more violent in the parking areas where people try to cross. The police violence has changed focus from raiding peoples living spaces and daily arrests in the streets to unwitnessable night time control at the parking lots.

Police have been coming regularly to the camp by the food distribution. No raids have been happening in the tents/homes but arrests made when people are on the street, on the pavement next to the camp, waiting for the bus for going to the shower block.

Regular deportations have been made to Italy. People who get arrested and have their fingerprints in Italy get detained and deported under Dublin II almost daily.  The CRS made a big street operation early in week arresting people and pushing them back to Italy.