Latest reports

Concerning the so called Syrian camp (actually the majority are Pashto, some Syrians and other Arabs, some Kuridsh):

Last week there were 3 police raids that I know of, this week 2 already and it is only Tuesday (21st).

Last week: Two small raids in the beginning of the week, one time 5 one time 3  people were nicked outside the tents and taken to police station; some released, some taken to deportation centre Coquelles.

It looks like the police are training people to stay in the tents when they come.

Sometimes big raids, sometimes small ones with only a few people taken and no much noise.

Friday, 10th shortly before 9 pm

11 vans of CRS and PAF.

All the people were ordered out tents and divided into groups. Afghans , Syrians , Pakistanis,  between 25 and 30 arrests.  5 are still in the deportation center Coquelles – Afghans and Pakistanis and a Syrian with Italian papers. Many people with valid documents were arrested – and released again. Some police officers were very rude kicking people in tents. There are two possibilities : either the camp will soon be deported , or they are heavy harassment tactics to “persuade” people to leave the camp. Meanwhile, migrants are poorly supported, often no firewood, and without food to share a meal every 24 hours.

Fri 17th about 7.30 am:

6 police vans, 2 cars, 1 arrest van; 2 arrests.

1 Afghan and 1 Syrian, they were released very soon

Mon 20 about 8.30 am

I was not there but 4 no borders activsts were, one was arrested, released very soon; no migrants arrested.

Tue 21 shortly before 9 am:

7 vans, 1 arrest van, 3 arrests ( all Afghans I think) 3 no borders and one photographer were there.

The Sudanese jungle was destroyed again last week.

Police violence is on a sharp rise, especially in the lorry parks people get beaten and gassed when they go to try.