New Years Eve in Calais

As usual in Calais over the winter period, the weather is making life very
difficult for people here. Strong winds and a lot of rain mean that tents
are getting damaged and everyone’s clothes and shoes are constantly wet.
Clothes distribution is not happening so frequently at the church and our
garage is pretty much empty. On top of this, new people are arriving
everyday needing supplies.

Despite this and also not having access to a big squat this year where we
could organise a party, New Years Eve managed to be a really enjoyable and
festive night. During the day firewood and food was collected and taken to
each of the jungles by a visiting samba group, letting everyone know of
our plans for the evening.

Many people decided to stay in Salam after food distribution in the
evening to have a party. There was a sound system and a samba band stopped
in for a couple of hours.

At midnight some people also held a noise demo outside Calais’ immigration
detention centre in solidarity with people inside and in spirit of New
Year demos held outside prisons and detention centres elsewhere.
Fortunately the weather was not too bad and the nights activities were
undisturbed by the police.

Donations of tents, sleeping bags, blankets, men’s shoes and clothes are
really needed at the moment. If you are planning on coming to Calais soon,
especially if you are bringing a vehicle, please get in touch with people
on the ground in Calais to arrange to bring things.