Another death this week in Calais

Yemane Gaberanguse, 22 years from Eritrea, died whilst on his way to trying to cross for England on Monday night. Yemane was very sick, he had been staying with us in Victor Hugo for the last 3 days of his life as he had no other place to go and was too weak to survive on the streets.

Despite his bad state he was on his way to trying (Monday night) and later died of suspected heart failure. He had been to the hospital the previous day but was not given the right diagnosis and treatment since his past records were not found due to the lack of ID.

His friends organised a very moving memorial ceremony at the food distribution the following day with people from all communities.

This is the third death at the hands of the border in the past 6 months; at least the twenty first reported death of a migrant at the hands of Calais’ border regime in the past four years.

These deaths will not be forgotten or forgiven.

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