Response to Al-Jazeera

Dear Aljazeera,

Having watched the video clip you made of our interview we are very angry with the publication.

We would like to share our response:

Freedom not food.

The picture always painted of Africans is that we need food. We do not escape our country, over the desert and then the sea for food. We live well in our country ; we have homes, famillies. We eat and have everything that we need apart from freedom. We love our country and we are proud of our country and all that it has.

What we don’t have is freedom, our problem is with the government and our dictator. As a woman they make you go in the army for two years unless you are pregnant.

You came into our home to listen to our story, to understand our situation, but you did not listen. You did not explain our situation, you showed people running for food. We came to Europe for human rights and freedom.

Where are the human rights ? Where are the freedoms ?

You said you wouldn’t show our faces, but we can see oursleves. This can be dangerous for our famillies in our countries. If we go back it can be dangerous for us too. We want to support our people, we are not afraid for us, but for our famillies you can bring problems. We wanted to make our situation known, you talked about people running for food. This is not our problem.

We need freedom, not food.

Women of 51 Victor Hugo, Calais.