Friday 6th December: brief updates.

Winds are up. Tents and jungle camps are flying everywhere. Associations opened the BCMO (cold weather shelter) for one night yesterday. Blankets and tents are in short supply, people are angry that associations are failing to give out resources.

Police have been raiding camps near to the ferry port where people migrating from Syria and Afghanistan have set up camp. Numerous unlawful and violent arrests have been made including one minor coming from Syria and many people with Italian passports.

Following the blocade of the port last month, by people migrating from Syria, police agreed to not enter their camp near the port. It seems this promise is broken, raids are taking place and arrests are being made.

 Victor Hugo is still here. Local support has been building with regular visits and donations being made to the space. However, there is a lot of fustration with journalists mis – representing the situation of people living in Victor Hugo (see post below). The women of Victor Hugo want to make it clear that their struggle is one for freedom, not for food as Aljazeera portrayed last week.