Decision of Victor Hugo given… but not to us!

Yesterday afternoon the justice gave the decision to evict 51 Victor Hugo, a squat in Calais which houses, at the moment, around thirty women and children.  The process of obtaining the decision from the court was extremely confusing and created more feelings of insecurity, fear, and anger from the residents of the house. Still at this time we have not seen the actual judgment (nor has it been given to our lawyer), only learning what we have through the press!

Starting from 8:30AM people gathered outside the court house to express their continued support. We were very encouraged to see all the local people who came in solidarity! They shared our anger and frustration at the ongoing oppression of migrants in Calais, and the failings of the local government to respect people’s dignity.

At this moment, we continue to wait for more information and will communicate further once we have the judgment.