Fascists canceled their demo

The fascists have cancelled their call for Tuesday at the court but have confirmed their demo on 7th December.

Watch their facebook page:

“Sauvons Calais”

This is what they wrote:

“The demo planned for 19th Nov at 8.30am at Place d’arme is cancelled. The defendons calais [“defend Calais”] collective, after a meeting this afternoon of the people in charge, asked for people not to go to avoid confrontation with the handful of no border who will be present, as the smallest fight could stop the demo on 7th December from being authorised.

Those who wish to go in any case, the choice is yours but you cannot send a call out for people to come, in order to respect the demand of the Defend Calais collective who organised the sit-in at the town hall
and are organising the demo on 7th Dec.

We have out fingers crossed that the old woman will get her house back on that day…

We look forward to the result of the trial.”