Daily police controls

The police is coming almost every second day to the pashtun jungle. Until now they didnt raid them but arrests all the time pashtuns.

Yesterday the put two afghans in the deportation centre.

In the beginning of the week they evicted parts of the erithrean jungle.

Its getting colder and colder in Calais and there is no place where people can go to to warm up and have a cup of tea.

The LAPASS clinic closed their showers as there came to many people to have a shower (its what the directress said). The other possibilities for people to have a shower is Secour Catholique who bring the car with a car to their showers. But they dont have enough volunteers any more to run the showers.

Soon the BCMO will open (a gym hall which the town allows to be opened for the migrants if the temperature is by -4°.) but has got only space for 150 people.

What will happen then? Its hard to say how many people there are right now in Calais but more than 150. So its not enough space for everybody.