Manuel Valls in Calais to make a zone of top security to face the migrants?

According to Voix du Nord, the interior minister is going to meet Natacha Bouchart who asked, with the backup of local police, for a zone of top security in order to answer to the growing number of squats of migrants.

Since June Natacha Bouchart is waiting for the arrival of Manuel Valls in Calais. The minister delayed this meeting to September, then to October. Finally, it should occur on the 7th of November, according to the newspaper La Voix du Nord. Until now there hasn’t been an officialconfirmation.

Natacha Bouchart is asking, with the backup of local police, for a “zone of top security” [explanation: current government law that allocatesmore police force to some parts of France] in her municipality.

The reason, according to her: The multiplication of the migrant-squats.
One year ago she was affirmative about the fact the number of migrants in Calais had strongly diminished.`