Report from the deportation centre

This is a testimony from someone who was the last two weeks in the deportation centre in Coquelles:

“It is very bad in the deportation centre. The deportation centre is more bad than the prison. If you go to the prison you know why. There is a reason and the judge tells you what you did wrong. But people come to the deportation centre for nothing. They take you in the early morning time, arrest you and bring you to the deportation centre.

After a couple of days you see the judge who tells if you really get deported or not. Most of the time you get deported.

When you have papers they deport you quickly, the same day or one day later. If you don’t have papers it can take up to fifteen days. They say they have to ask the country where you have fingerprints if they want you or not.

There is two times food in the day. At twelve o clock and at six o clock they give you food. Rice without anything, maybe some salad which smells bad and one baguette for four persons.

Its not clean inside and there are three, sometimes four people in one room.

They hit the people. They did this to me but also to other people, that is normal. If you do something wrong, they hit you. But they don’t tell you what you do wrong.

They are not friendly, but very racist. They never say nice things and they never listen to you. The police men in the night is more friendly. But inshallah they deport me quickly.”