Blockade of entrance to Calais port: 65 people from Syria have set up camp






65 Syrian refugees have been staging a blockade of the Calais ferry terminal for over ten hours now, demanding to speak to a representative of the UK Home Office.

The blockaders are taking direct action to have their voices heard. They are refusing to leave until their demands are met.  Some of them are hunger striking.

Families, including small children have set up a camp on the pedestrian bridge, in the entrance to the terminal. Friends of the group, including Calais Migrant Solidarity and other groups based in France have been joining their protest in solidarity.

The group have been subject to severe police harassment during their time in Calais. They have been constantly moved on from sleeping spaces, had their belongings destroyed and arrested many times.


In a town where the police act with considerable impunity on a daily basis, it is important that the blockaders receive solidarity from beyond Calais in publicising their demands.

The group ask for people across Europe to take action in support of their protest.

Letters of support, pictures of actions etc. would be welcomed, please send to and they will be passed on to the group.

For up to date info on the situation or if you would like to come to Calais to support the group contact the CMS communications phone: 0033 645465986