Stop deportations to Sudan!

The prefect of the Pas-de-Calais is again attempting to deport people to Sudan where ethnic cleansing and genocide continues.

Please contact the Prefect of Pas-de-Calais, Denis ROBIN, telling him to stop the deportation orders to Sudan and to release the Sudanese!

Rue Ferdinand-Buisson
62020 Arras Cedex 9
Téléphone : +33 3 21 21 20 00
Fax : +33 3 21 55 30 30

If you are not in France, you can contact the French Embassy in the
country where you are :

Once again Sudanese in Calais are being rounded up and threatened with deportation to Khartoum, to create fear and enhance the effects of evictions of squats and destruction of camps in Calais.

During the sweep of evictions at least seven Sudanese still remain in detention centres in Calais and Lille and some are now being threatened with forcible deportation to Sudan.

Sudan has seen over a decade of brutal civil war and a hard dictatorship that has unleashed a systematic policy against its people leaving hundreds of thousands dead and millions of refugees.

Last week saw government forces open fire on protests in Khartoum against fuel prices and later firing again on mourners after the funeral of those killed in the days before. Murdering 100 civilians and arresting at least 600 people on the demonstrations.

This year the representative of France to the United Nations themselves made a vigorous response to denounce the crimes against humanity in Sudan. Yet the the prefect of the Pas-de-Calais again have issued orders for people of Sudan to be deported to Khartoum – where they may be imprisoned, tortured or killed.

In March 2012 the same strategy was used to round up and try to deport several Sudanese with the effect of scaring many other Sudanese into disappearing from Calais. Sudanese make up a large community in Calais, if you threaten a few it send ripples to all fearing removal back to Sudan!

Please circulate this message widely.