New Garage for Bicycle Workshop


A new garage has been rented in the center of Calais to be used as a bikes workshop, but to get this project started and make it a reality we need lots of donations!

Bicycles, parts, tools, bike trailers, repair skills and especially time are very much needed.

Bikes are probably the most sought after items in Calais as they allow people to be mobile and independent and get around the exhaustion regime that the city imposes on their lives. People have to walk miles and miles a day to travel from where they sleep to the places where they can collect food and water, take a shower, see a doctor, visit friends, charge their phone, or try to cross to the UK. Bike trailers are also essential for collecting and transporting firewood and water to squats and jungles, but of course they need a working bike to be used with. There really can never be enough of them (also because the police enjoy stealing them during raids and evictions), and the bicycles that are in the city at the moment are in constant need of repair, even if it’s just patching a flat.

If you are able to make a collection in your area and need some help with transport call the comms phone and we may be able to help arrange something, otherwise fixing up bikes and riding them down is a great way to come to Calais and get involved.