Call out for summer solidarity work

We are inviting groups to come to Calais for a week (or whatever you can do) and get involved in No Borders/Migrant Solidarity.

In particular we are trying to improve the cooking situation for the different camps/squats so people can cook for themselves more easily.

This could involve lots of different work, for example…

Before your group comes to Calais:
*Collect kitchen equipment to donate to Calais (saucepans, cutlery,
plates, cups etc) as well as the usual items on the wishlist like tents,
sleeping bags.
*Make rocket stoves and bike trailers
*Collect/buy dry/tinned foods
*Bring bikes and bike repair kits

When your group is in Calais:
*Distribute supplies (firewood, food, water) to the squats and camps
*Support people find places to sleep
*Get involved in the day to day work of No Borders/Migrant Solidarity

If your group is interested in finding out more please email :