Small Sudanese squat evicted

A small Sudanese squat, home to about 14 people for the last three months, was evicted aggressively, and illegally, this morning.

A person taking pictures with their own phone was pushed around heavily and threatened with a raised baton that he would be beaten if he did not stop.

No-one was arrested, most people staying in this squat have claimed asylum in France and have temporary papers.

The squat was secured and closed, without a court order or evidence of authorisation from the owner.

Council workers came and cleared the place of peoples blankets and took them to the dump.

Later in the evening, after many of the people expelled from the squat had built a new shelter outside in the jungle, a van load of CRS visited them again, conducting ID controls of the same people for a second time in one day.

And also threatening arrest of one European person, for refusing to answer their questions. When asking what offence they were intending the arrest, the common answer, we’ve heard an uncountable amount of times :

‘You are in France, I am police, you do as I say or you will come with me ok’.