Chadians demo in Paris : Where is asylum?

A lively demonstration called for by our friends from Chad took the streets of Paris on Wednesday 29th May, demanding status be granted to the many Chadians who have been rejected asylum in France.

Calling all persons who face the severe repression of the immigration and asylum system to join together in solidarity, people came from Calais, Dijon, Lille and Paris. The demo began at La Chapelle at 1pm and ended outside the Court at 5pm.

A handful of Chadians entered the Court, with documents detailing the brutality of the Chadian regime and the suffering of its people. And the numerous ‘administrative’ frustrations people have in the asylum system in France. After rejoining the demonstration and relaying the information to the crowd waiting outside the Court, the Chadians and their supporters pledged this is only the beginning !

This is their text :

Where is the land of asylum?
Demonstration of migrants


We, Chadian refugees, call to demonstrate against the situation we are maintained into by the French services of immigration.

Indeed, at the time being, a great majority of asylum seekers from Chad are rejected from the OFPRA (French service for the protection of refugees and stateless persons), the CNDA, (national court of asylum seekers), and even after the re-examination of their files.

We are told that our country is a democracy and freedom is endorsed there, that it’s not a country at war and so there is no reasons to grant us the protection we are looking for through our exile.

We testify of the persecutions we have lived and that our fellow countrymen are still living in our country of origin, and of its dictatorial characteristic: pursuits, disappearance and murders of regime’s opponents, arbitrary imprisonments, violation of the human rights…

Recently, two brothers who accepted the voluntary return with the OFFI (French office of the immigration) have been jailed their airport’s arrival without even be able to see their family, another one went missing as soon as he came back to the country….

We can’t come back in a country at war in which our lives are threatened.

We are in France to ask for asylum because we are chased away from our country. We don’t have the right to live there anymore and we hope to find here the freedom we are denied at home.

We ask for a fair treatment of our asylum’s applications and independent from the French foreign policy with Chad. We denounce the refusal, almost systematic, of Chadian’s refugee’s files.

We are also aware of the difficulties that all the migrants meet no matter where they are from and where they go, in France or in Europe.

We meet each other regularly, in the waiting lines in front of the prefectures, during demonstrations, in our living spaces (CADA (center to welcome asylum seekers), squat), in the street, and we know the difficult course that each one of us must do in front of the administration, police oppression, daily lives problems, the impossibility to find an accommodation and to live with dignity.

So, we invite all of the asylum seekers, migrants and support to join us to express their confusion and their anger in front of the unfair situations we have to live into here, and to claim for dignified conditions of receptions and hosting.

Demonstration Wednesday 29 may 11h00- Place de la Chapelle
Departure : 13h00- Arrival : in front the CNDA.