Another squat illegally evicted

In the morning another squat was evicted illegally. The squat had been home to people for three weeks. At around 11am police nationale arrived with the deputy mayor, Mignonnet, overseeing the operation. They broke into the front door which was locked and then re-secured the building, closing blankets and other belongings inside. Once again the police under supervision of the town hall totally ignore the legal process, illegally breaking an entry and evicting people from their home without a court order.

Illegal evictions are systematic and continue with impunity, despite it being an offence :

Selon l’article 432-8 du Code pénal, “le fait, par une personne dépositaire de l’autorité publique ou chargée de mission auprès du service public, agissant dans l’exercice ou à l’occasion de l’exercice de ses fonctions ou de sa mission, de s’introduire ou de tenter de s’introduire dans le domicile d’autrui contre le gré de celui-ci hors les cas prévus par la loi est puni de deux ans d’emprisonnement et de 30 000 euros d’amende.”

According to Article 432-8 of the Penal Code, “the fact of a person holding public authority or with the mission of public service, acting in the course of or in connection with the exercise of its functions or his mission to break or attempt to break into the home of another against the will of the latter except in cases provided by law is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and 30,000 euros fine.”