Demonstrations to call for accommodation for all!

On 16 March more demonstrations were called to demand “shelter for all” across several cities in France… Rouen, Calais, Tours, Lorient, Nantes, Poitiers, Paris.
nord litto manif du 16mars 001
In Calais we were about 25 of which a majority of Afghans who played through the streets with our beautiful samba drums.

We put up posters calling for : “requisition, a roof for everyone” on empty buildings across town : the ‘White House’ (evicted at the end of last year), DPOs empty building Moscou street, the BCMO (only open when its -5degrees), the clinical Thames (empty for at least 5 years), the former hospital (a massive building recently derelict yet fortified with security fences and alarms).
16mars 010
And distributed leaflets across the city as we made a lot of noise with drums, sirens and whistles… to make visible our demands as we chanted through the streets.
16mars 014-1