Mass arrests in the jungle & large squat closed

Two days after a man is hospitalised from hypothermia during the night in the jungle, the police raid the shelters where he and others were sleeping. 23 people were arrested, all from Afghanistan. By midday all the minors had been released. However 15 people were still in custody by the evening.

Once again, border police are detaining people illegally – over the 4 hour maximum time limit and holding people in custody when they have not committed a criminal offence.

For ID controls people should only supposedly be detained for a maximum of 4 hours from the moment they are stopped and asked for identity papers. But this is routinely ignored with people often being kept in custody all day or overnight under ‘ID control powers’. Police custody is for people alleged to have committed a criminal offence, it is NOT meant to be for people detained under an identity check.

In the evening a large squat in the centre of town housing people from Sudan, Chad, Afghanistan and Syria was closed, locking everyone’s belongings inside.