Régularisation de tous les Sans Papiers!

 Roof for everyone!

As part of the national day of action on Wednesday 30 January 2013, for the right of unconditional emergency shelter, demonstrations are being held across many cities of France… Rennes, Rouen, Calais, Nantes, Angers, Tours, Lorient, Paris, Lannion, Paris, Quimper and posisbly Poitiers, Bordeaux etc …


IN CALAIS : gather Wednesday, January 30 @ 14H. Meet at the corner of Rue Moscow near the area of food distribution, bring banners and placards.

People with and without papers have spent winters on the streets since the closure Sangatte, and still the situation in Calais gets worse.

How many people in Calais must live without water, gas and electricity because they cannot pay the bills? How many must live in harsh conditions? How many more evictions are going to come this year at the end of the ‘winter truce’?

How many empty homes are there in Calais? How many could be used rather than lay empty? How many derelict buildings are being destroyed, like the old hospital, while there are so many people sleeping on the street?

The law on accommodation :

“Every homeless person in distress, with medical, psychological and social problems, at any time, must be given access to an emergency shelter.

This emergency shelter must allow, with the dignity of the human person, to benefit from services providing accommodation, meals and hygiene, medical evaluation, psychological and social services carried out within the structure accommodation or, by agreement, by professionals or agencies outside and to be directed to any professional or structure likely to bring him with justified by the state, including shelter and rehabilitation, stable accommodation, a boarding house, a sheltered housing, an institution for the elderly, bed-stop health-care or service hospital.

Everyone welcomed in a shelter emergency must be able to benefit from a personalized service and remain there when they want, until her orientation is proposed. This orientation is made to a structure of stable housing or care, or to a housing adapted to their situation. “