My thoughts on Dublin.

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by, Osman from Sudan

Calais life is very hard and very difficult, lot of people from different countries and different religion and different situations, so the conditions are very difficult. Majority of people from Sudan and Afghanistan and 80% are Dublin people – people who have fingerprint in different countries in Europe. Lot of countries sign about Dublin system and don’t know how to respect Dublin cases.Lot of people have many years in Europe and don’t get any life, any job, any anything… just the same situation to arrive in Europe.

And so me I know myself what is happen with me in Europe from 2007 and still here now. What is happen is lot of countries doing something bad with me about my situation in Europe. I was in all countries in Europe and I don’t see any country, any government, any immigration who try to see my situation or what is happen to me. And every country try to do something worse than the last one. And I don’t get any interview to tell what happen with me in my country or in Europe. And it’s the same situation with lot of people here in Calais, from different countries in Europe and different cases about Dublin.

People working in Human Rights office and him don’t know how can try to know problems with immigrant people with many years in Europe with no country who try to see about their case. In lot of country people are killed for nothing – in detention or in prison – and I say this because I know what is happen with me with Swiss immigration. They put me in prison one year – that is something bad- and they make mistake with people. I am not criminal man and I not become criminal in Europe and I not a criminal to leave my country. Immigration made a mistake and they put me in prison.

Swiss government don’t know about human rights and a lot of people are killed in Swiss prisons – I know that.

It is the same situation in Belgium, they put me in criminal prison for 3 months for nothing and the human rights organisation in Geneva is the same in Kenya, in US and do something bad. Lot of people claim asylum in Switzerland and they make mistake, they don’t know about Geneva human rights.

All people working in immigration in Europe do bad things and mistakes – it becomes like a business with people who claim asylum – no organisation in Europe and no human rights in Europe.

I’m sure this is what happen for me and lot of people in Europe more than six years.

I am now in a squat with no money and no papers and no job and I am smiling. I don’ t know who I am or if I am sure I have country. Maybe lot of countries thinking ‘this is an animal, he has come from somewhere but has no country and he don’t know about my country’. I’m never ever going to forget what has happened for me in Europe.

What happen in my area, Sudan, is what everyone knows in the world. I’m not going to tell you, everyone should know.

Lots of things have happened to me, I won’t tell all, Swiss and Belgium, in Norway that is something bad, they talk about organisation and lie with people, lie with people and play with people and make mistake with people.

More than 5 years I don’t see any money from different countries from government or from immigration but that is okay, no problem I am still living, I am not dying, but I will die, but I wait from God. When I run from my country I did not come about money and I not come eat and sleep or about food and I not come looking for women in Europe. Lot of countries gonna get problem in the future with people migrating.

Three weeks ago there is some problem here with immigrant people themselves, between different nationalities. Problems with people fighting with knives but I don’t know what happened because I was sick and stayed in the squat all week. They are fighting three days. I heard ten people in hospital.

So from that time there is lot of control from police at Salam. Three days ago the control stop and people stop fighting. I don’t know what French government will change this year. All these people try to go to UK but 80% are Dublin people – some sent back three or four times. Me I crossed to England two times. Some people have money, some do business, some try themselves under the lorry. Everyone has a place to go to try – every nationality.

My question: Why don’t human rights organisations look at the problem of people with Dublin cases. Some countries need people and won’t give them place, and they make mistake with people. Australia, Canada, America need people – why don’t they like people from here/ take people here. That is why I say they are doing a business.

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