I am here in Calais.

This is my story, Adam from Sudan.

When I left my country there are many problems from the government. That is why I left. I passed through the Sahara to Libya. It was very difficult to travel through Libya. I was 3 years there; they put me in prison for 1.5 months. After I get free from the prison I made my way to Europe.

The border is very hard. I come to Europe by sea, in a small boat with 27 people, including two women with children. One was 2 months old. Never eating, never sleeping, never drinking.

We arrived in Lampedusa, we were three days there and they send me to Brindisi. There were big problems here between communities coming from Eritrea and Sudan. The Sudanese they send to another city. We were 75 Sudanese and 200 person from Eritrea. The police broke my mind here.

Thy arrested me and two people. 1 person can now remember nothing. He lost his mind. And me I was broken. My friend can not remember anything now. From here we stayed in prison for 5 months. I made a hunger strike for 3 days and asked for translators but they refused. Only they did bring one
english speaker. I do not speak English.

In detention there were too much people – 2800 refugees. They got taken to court slowly some got papers others not. Some people got papers if they gave money.

When people got papers the time was different for each person. They are racist. Some people got 3 months, some 6 months, some 1 year etc. When we try to get new papers when they finish we get so much trouble.

This is why I leave Italy, to look for new life. So why did I come to France?

There was no food, no job, no shelter in Italy. Even with papers. Even I don’t have place to live, life is very bad. So I need to come to France to try to enter the UK.

Now I am here in Calais, France. With police problems, no place to sleep. I can not walk free here, I can not sleep in a squat, all the time police coming. This is number one problem in Calais. It is difficult to find a place to go to UK. Some good people help us find squat here, I like to thank the good people in Calais. Many people are bad here.

And the french state….Now winter life is hard. We need squats and a roof over our head. Police continue to close squats and other people we dont know who they are. Maybe they work with the government. They kick us out of squat. This is very hard.

One question for the government…
In this time, winter, why you close all shelter? and leave us with no place or papers? Nothing?