Three days of fighting at the ‘White House’; camps destroyed

Early morning of 24.12.2012 a group of people attacked another group at the white house sleeping area, tents were destroyed and at least one person had to go to hospital. In the evening serious fights between people continued and objects were thrown at each other.

On the 25th there were further clashes leading to the food distro closing. Two loud explosions were heard. It was later reported that the explosions came from flashballs and concussion grenades fired by police. Later there was another attempted attack on the white house, which was broken up.

Fifteen people have been arrested by the police [that we are aware of]. The police told people living outside the food distro that they had one hour to leave their tents and shelters or face arrest.

On the morning of the 26th the authorities placed a large skip by the White House, which leads us to believe that the area will soon be cleared. For the time being, the situation has calmed down.

Now entering Salaam is only possible after body searches. It is still only open for food distribution. Currently there are no CRS in town to the best of our knowledge, however there has been a marked increase in Police Nationale and PAF around the food distribution area, all equipped in full riot gear.

The local newspaper are running scare stories about the danger of migrants in Calais and the “sufferings” of the neighboring population, who are circulating a petition against the food distribution. Ethnic and national characteristics are being held up as an explanation for the violence. No Borders rejects this analysis.

The existence of the frontier zone has caused hardship for all those trying to cross to England, including scarcity of shelter and resources. Furthermore, it has led to the creation of a mafia, who fight for control of the crossing points and sleeping spaces.

While the border stands, this type of incident will continue. Racist scapegoating does not serve to solve the problem, only an end to selective border controls will alleviate the problem.

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