Update from the last few weeks

The police surveillance is quite low at the moment. The harassment of migrants in the street is not so present, but many squats are being closed all the time and many are being reopened or opened. The weather is becoming colder and colder and the last couple of days rain has been pouring down. And because of a weather forecast of snow the BCMO has been opened for sleeping the last two nights. The weather has been really bad – heavy rain, really strong winds and very cold.

We are regularly having situations where there are no blankets. Three weeks ago the situation of blankets was really desperate. We didn’t have any to give out and Salam didn’t want to. There has been some deliveries since, we have both blankets and a couple of sleeping bags in the garage. There is also some good shoes and rain jackets now. But they will go quickly and we need more.

In the last weeks it has also been a very unstable situation with housing but now it is much better and almost everybody has a place to stay. There are quite a few squats again, some have been closed but in general more are staying open for the time being.

Two weeks ago some people were sleeping near the garage. The police found out and started coming and harassing the people and afterwards they through water on their blankets and roughly threw a man near 70 years on the ground. Now there is nobody staying there and the police haven’t done similar things for a while.

A very small squat, that has been housing people for several months, has also been closed. The police gased all of the inside of the squat contaminating people’s belongings and blankets.

Another thing that has changed is the PASS Clinic. It is now moved to the new hospital near the Secours Catholique. This is a big problem for many people since it is a very long distance to walk both for showers and especially if people have injuries or are sick. People are therefor reliant on the minibus of Secours Catholique to go.