Five peope aquitted and one person convicted of ‘rebellion’ and ‘outrage’ against police.

Today 5 people were cleared of all charges including for ‘organised rebellion’ and ‘outrage’ against now infamous PAF officers (border police) who repeatedly attack people and then try to claim they are the victims of violence. See:

In a separate case a sixth person has been convicted of ‘outrage’ against three CRS officers and given one month suspended sentence and ordered to pay € 300 fine per cop. This person had been jumped on in the street by CRS, bundled handcuffed on the floor of the van whilst CRS intimidate with threats sexual favours. The charged person did not attend court and the judge ruled harshly against them, effectively giving the cops commission for their attack.

Over the last year and a half No Border activists and migrants have frequently been acquitted from various charges, including ‘organised rebellion’, ‘outrage’, ‘illegal occupation’ and refusing identity controls. But not always, some have been convicted.

It has been a common police tactic to use these kind of charges to cover up the police’s own attacks on people. But time and time again people have shown in court that unsurprisingly the police armed with batons trying to clear the streets of migrants are the ones attacking on people.

Noise demo

This morning we went to Coquelles detention centre to shout our solidarity with the people inside – but cops have now done some elaborate work to prevent access to the previously public area right outside the walls and windows of the centre where we used to be able to communicate with prisoners. Now new steel fences lined about 15metres back make us out of sight and out of shouting distance from people inside. They’ve even lined the surrounding bushes with full military barbed wire to prevent these demonstrations, its ridiculous…