current situation

Update on whats been happening recently:

The town hall served a whole load of (bullshit) regulations on the
hanger last Sunday (01.07), forcing us to close the building temporarily. Basically they’ve put us in a high-grade category as a public restaurant for 250 people, which requires that a lot of work be done to the place. No-one can use the building until regulations are met except contracted companies doing the work and we have to ask the town hall for permission before every single bit of work, they have to reply in up to six months time and if we don’t comply they’ll permanently shut us down themselves by securing doors. Bastards. BUT as it is obviously not a public restaurant for 250 people, we’re working on some ideas to hopefully find a solution to this soon. All this was done the day before the no border kitchens started (nicely timed), and the associations (stopping food and going on holiday for the summer) wouldn’t let us use their space to cook. But we have found a temporary space for the kitchen for the time being. The apartment is still fine… this is not affected.
Kitchens have started cooking breakfast and dinner and its already been really positive, people are getting involved with cooking and lots of people saying they like it. Apart from watching us, the police is at the moment not intervening. Apart from that things have been relatively quiet. There are some new people and quite a lot of good spirits (given the situation), and a sound no border crew working well together with people. It looks like we’ve now got most of the summer covered with at least a few people ‘on the ground’ for most of the time, although more are welcomed to give people breaks, do more stuff etc. September and beyond is empty. Yesterday, the police made pictures in a migrant Squat, so, we fear, that another raid is coming. This morning, everything is calm, CRS drives around, we watch them, the standard game in Calais. Later more


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