general update

Police repression comes in waves at the moment. For example, this week: Until Wednesday, no raids, nearly no Id controls, no arrest, nothing taken away, few police under way. Then, yesterday, they swarmed the place, arrested 35 to 40 people, some of them minors, taken blankets/ sleeping bags, tents away. After going with the father of two minors to Coquelles, the police station/ Detention centre and a two hour discussion there, two minors were released. They cleared the space opposite Salam and a jungle. Also, the day before yesterday, police beat one migrant in the back of a police van. In general, the police begin again with rougher methods. Our Summer Food Distribution is under way since the 02.07. In July/August, charities in France go on holiday, so, some activist kitchen from all over Europe help out. Until now, apart from watching us, no harassment from the police. We all hope, that it stays this way. This morning, the police gone again trough the jungle, so far, no arrest made. General update hangar: We can not use the Hangar at the moment, do to a legal dispute. The sleeping space for activist is fine. We meet this afternoon with a solicitor, have then a meeting tonight, afterwards, we will write more about this. By the way, more activist on the ground would be more then welcomed 🙂

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