general update

Repression is high and it does really seem like they are trying to clear Calais of its migrants before the Olympics. All squats old and new have been closed except a few small ones, there are not many people even in the jungles around Calais. Instead people sleep out and about with the police chasing them, people just try to hide and stay out of sight. Record numbers of police, the CRS are combing the streets at all hours, day and night, also on Sundays, but also more ‘normal’ police and undercover police, many new surveillance cars also of new types. Many arrests – except the last few days.

Destruction of blankets and shelters have reached unparalleled proportions, there is an ongoing crisis of the associations’ supplies and our stockpile is also low. Even the Vestiaire is running out of blankets.

The deportation centre in Coquelles is full, many deportations to Albania and to various Dublin countries, particularly Italy. People get bounced back and forward from France and Italy, some people have been deported to Italy 5 times and have just come back. Its impossible to find work in Italy, there are people sleeping rough everywhere in the streets and at the train stations, many are Italians but also many migrants and refugees.

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