new space update

The door to the courtyard has been installed. A new kitchen is ready. The walls have all been repainted… with some decorated by people with and without papers and local youth. A new window and door have been built behind an electric shutter.

Nice to have good relationships with some close neighbours. Even despite some early intimidation by the local authorities and police… paying us regular visits. Sometimes police are circling around the building, taking photos or just hanging outside, trying to make their presence felt in the neighbourhood, but their petty intimidation isn’t working.

We still need to clear the garden and develop it. Lots of space for planting stuff. Need to build / find more tables, chairs, sofas, shelves… and start preparing lots of lively activities for the space.

General update:

Relatively quiet at the moment. Regular daily ID controls in the parks, racially profiling people all the time and sometimes making arbitrary arrests.

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