general update may 2012

Wednesday 30th May

Another small squat housing just a few people has been evicted. The building has been secured so people cannot re-enter.

Court postponed until September (see blog post Monday 28 May). Police’s ‘evidence’ was submitted last minute, prosecution and judge hadn’t even had time to read it… so it was adjourned.

Tuesday 29 May

Around fifteen CRS cops ID control several groups of people sitting in the park at about 8pm, making at least two arrests. One person presented papers but was arrested anyway… CRS Compaigne 11 were out circulating town with an arrest van trying to fill their quota.

Small squat housing about a dozen people evicted in the evening. People living there weren’t allowed to enter to collect their belongings.

Monday 28 May: Solidarity to people facing court this week…

Following the violent police attacks against migrants and their supporters on 29 March 2012 in Calais, six people are being summoned to Court of Boulogne-sur-Mer this Wednesday 30 May 2012, 8.30am.

One person is being charged for ‘outrage’ and five with ‘organised rebellion’ against the border police, Police Aux Frontières, and the riot police, Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité.

Attacking migrants and their supporters and then laying heavy totalitarian charges has been a common police tactic, aiming to drive out migrants and deter people from challenging state abuse against people with and without papers in Calais.

Support comrades at Court of Boulogne-sur-Mer, 8:30am, May 30, 2012!

Call out for support:

News of what happened during the police attacks:
Calais update:
Olympic Cleansing in Calais:

Friday 25th May

There were 20 arrests this morning from the food distribution place and all people’s blankets were taken.

The park was raided yesterday evening and all people’s ID papers were checked. About 2 people were arrested, even though they did have papers.

ID controls, arrests and the confiscation / destruction people’s belongings including tents, blankets, clothes, bags etc is happening all the time.

Even the church which distributes clothes is running out of blankets because so many are being destroyed or taken by the police and local authorities constantly.

If you want to come and support us please email or call ahead if you can.

Wednesday 15th May

Today SALAM was raided 3 times, this morning 20 people were arrested – including 3 children. All the blankets were taken to the tip and covered with some kind of liquid so they could not be recovered. At four o’clock the cops came again and again took peoples personal belongings including bags and papers; they also closed up a hole to stop people accessing SALAM to sleep in at night. People decided not to eat in SALAM this evening in protest and sat outside the gates.

At 9pm many vans of CRS and PAF arrived to clear away all the people sitting in front of the gates. Several vans of people were taken to Coquelles, including some people who have papers. At the moment people are sleeping in makeshift jungles but the cops are still roaming and still making arrests.

We desperately need more tents, blankets, tarps and waterproof coats!!

Friday 11th May

After having being evicted from Palestine House more people are having to sleep in a concrete yard where food is distributed. The police came yesterday evening, took photos and threatened to return in the morning, but they did not.

Thursday 10th May

Palestine House was evicted this morning at 8am. People were forced to leave but no arrests.

Some asylum seekers were offered accommodation in the foyer, but most were not. Now there are around 50 people newly in the street.

Only members of associations were allowed entry to the building to collect some sleeping bags and personal items, but they were not allowed to re-enter to collect all of people’s belongings.

Wednesday 9th May

Today there was a big raid on Palestine House, 10 people arrested, all but one were released by the evening.

Also 16 arrests at Téteghem.


Palestine House, the last big migrant squat in Calais, have been served with papers is about to be evicted. There will be need for activists to monitor the eviction, but especially to support the people who will be thrown out in the streets. As usual we cannot know when the eviction will happen, but there will be warning signs, like the police going there to count the migrants and work out the logistics of the eviction. Sunday 6th May is the last day of the elections, after that anything can happen!

There is also a great need for materials, especially TENTS, since it is next to impossible to keep new squats, the police close them immediately, and it has been the rainiest month in 100 years! Exceptional even for Calais.

4th May

The place of food distribution, where quite many migrants were sleeping, got evicted this morning by police, shortly before 8 am. 7 migrants were arrested. After, council workers took all the blankets, tarpaulin, pallets and tents away. It is not clear where the people are going to sleep tonight.

2nd May
Police (PAF, old crew) came today, around 9am, and kicked out all the people sleeping in Salam. They said that they did not wanted to make any arrests but just wanted to check papers. It is still difficult to find places to sleep, we get kicked out after 1 day or a bit longer. People are fed up with it, and feel that Salam is in some way the only opportunity…

A lot of people are moving to other cities because of the tiredness from Calais. Otherwise the last few days have been strangely quiet, probably because of the elections. The police still go around but there have not been the usual mass arrests.

The big hungerstrike in Coquelles detention centre is finished as many people got deported, to various Dublin countries. More people have been brought in, especially Palestinians, Tunisians, Egyptians and Iraqi Kuridish, some Albanians, very few Africans and there are also 4 women.


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