general update april 2012

22nd April: Noise demonstration.

Today a noise demonstration was held at Coquelles in solidarity with those inside and the ongoing hunger strike. The demonstration was well received; people banged on the windows, screamed and whistled from their rooms. People also called the CMS phone during the demonstration, one man inside commented that in his room he knew of 7 people still not eating. News of 3 women inside the centre was also given.

20th April

Life is becoming increasingly difficult, small squats are being shut instantly and ID controls and arrests on the street are happening all the time. The new Unit of CRS (compagnie 6) are literally hunting people, today they controlled people as they walked to Salam breakfast at 10 am. One activist was arrested for outrage and taken to Coquelles. They then came again at 2pm, waiting for people as they left the distro area. Many people ran back into the distribution space to hide, waiting for the cops to leave.

Many people are sleeping in Salam at night time. It’s cold and wet with no proper shelter. The PAF came 6 times in one night shining lights on people whilst they tried to sleep. The morning before they came at 6am asking for papers and nationality.

People are exhausted. People are physically and emotionally battered, this border kills by the heart. There are so many people here who are claiming asylum, and yet they are still sleeping rough, they are still being harassed. There is only so much a person’s heart and mind can cope with. People are at breaking point.

19th April: Palestine House

Palestine house was raided today at 7am. 10 people were arrested, all released later in the day.

EVICTION: Papers have been given to Palestine house now, so we are expecting an eviction any day. With constant movement of people between different very short lived squats or jungles Palestine House is the home of many people.

18th April

Eviction of squat where many people from Ethiopia and Eritrea living. All inside had papers as they are claiming asylum. All now have nowhere to go; again people with papers find themselves sleeping on the street. Friends have also told us that whilst they have a 10 year paper in France they continue to be harassed and arrested for ID controls.


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