Personal testimony from a Darfuri in Coquelles detention centre facing deportation to Khartoum

February 2012

“Everyone knows the situation in Sudan and especially Darfur, there are no rights for humans, so why are France deporting us? There are also no rights for us here in France, we are not treated as humans.

In Darfur, in 2003, 500 plus people were killed in one day; this was my village, Anka.

They destroyed our village, raped the women, put children in the fire. Like the devil. In this moment I wished to die. I saw mass graves.

Since 2003, people have left our village, until this day they can’t go back. People can’t leave the camps; there is no security in the region.

Why is the United Nations staying silent?

United Nations community love money, not people. Why did they go to Libya to fight? For oil and money. They don’t come to Sudan even when the president is committing atrocities.

We, black people, are not treated as human. It seems like a bad dream but this is reality, a nightmare.

I was one year in jail in Sudan, these are my scars, you can see where they tortured me with hot water on my legs. After I was set free I had to come each week to sign in in order to not be killed, I ran away”.