A person from Iran was on hunger strike for eight days inside Calais’ immigration prison before he was deported. Here is his testimony:

6th April 2012

Hello my dear friends and thank you for helping me.

I have been in French prison for 20 days. I am going to shorten my speech – I had many difficulties in Iran, that is why I escaped. Religious and political difficulties, I can’t write them all here. Actually you know about the problems in Iran. I shall tell you some of them; firstly, I could never say what was in my heart otherwise I would be oppressed, put in prison or even executed. I escaped from Iran to Europe to have a good and comfortable life and I wish to live peacefully. What a pity it’s not like that. There are the same spiritual and physical oppressions as in Iran, while they claim they are human rights defenders. Is this a human right? Do I have the right to live? If I do, why do they treat us like animals and put us in prison? All of this is lies. They just make speeches on TV but actually everything in this world is lies. All dreams, nothing more.

Now I shall tell you about the difficulties afflicted on me by this country. I have neither seen Hungary, my feet have never touched the soil of Hungary. Nor have I fingerprints or claimed asylum there. Why does Hungary want me? And why is France going to deport me to a country where I have no fingerprints – I have never even wanted to be in that country.

I am very angry about the Judge’s verdict and have stopped eating. I will not eat again until I am judged correctly. I will not eat even if I die. I write this to you dear friends so that you know everything that happened to me. Follow my situation, don’t forget me because the French police have threatened me with three years imprisonment unless I accept the deportation to Hungary.

Thank you dear friends. Until the day of absolutely freedom and correct justice – goodbye.