general update april 2012

13th April

In the morning, 2 PAF vans turned up on the other side of the fence to look at people sleeping inside the SALAM area. 2 PAF and 1 police National officers chose to go out of the vans to chat with the sleeping people. They came in starring for around 10 minutes before leaving saying that people should leave.

People are forced to live outside because of the continuous destruction on peoples houses by police forces, and are constantly told to move. The only answer to the officers were, “where to go?”.

11th April: Eviction of Iran house.

After a dry night sleep, in a new house, the owner came and woke everyone up. After calling the police national and PAF, everyone got taken to the streets again, in the rain, again again.

Even though some squatter rights exist in France, the police keep turning the chin to the ongoing struggle for finding accommodation for people travelling, and for people seeking asylum, who are legally obliged for accommodation in France

Monday 9th April: Remembering Zenebe.

A friend has been killed in Calais. Zenebe was found dead in his squat, where he and 15 or more people from Ethiopia and Eritrea had been living, on Monday lunchtime. It is unknown exactly how he died, but an inquiry into his death is ongoing.

Zenebe spent many months in Calais and is greatly missed by the community here. He was a gentle and kind person, always with a big smile.

On Thursday 12th April a ceremony was held in the local park to mark the tragic death. Over 60 people from the community and associations came to lay flowers and candles in memory.

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