Wednesday 25th January

In the morning at 6 o’clock, the Iranian jungle was evicted. Seven vans packed with CRS barged in and stole people’s tents. 10 people got arrested, some of them arrived later at the 13:00 food distribution with their sleeping bags under their arms, but we don’t know if the rest of them are still held.

 Between 7.15 am and 7.30 one van of CRS unit 15, later joined by a 2nd, entered the university buildings, taking photographs of the inside of the buildings, demonstratively putting on latex gloves while doing so. When asked, they refused to give the number of their unit.

If it had not been reality it would have been funny because they seemed quite lost, argued for a while about what to do next and checked several times with their bosses. They got in and out of the vans, pulled their batons out, stuck them back again and took their gloves on and off.

 Later, police came to morning food distribution to arrest people on the way to breakfast, but did not manage to arrest anyone.

 In the afternoon, a well-known PAF-officer came by Africa House with the people who had brought the eviction notice to the previous Africa House. One worker, putting fences up around on the ground of the squat, said it would be demolished after a month. We’ve heard different rumors, but all we know is that this sick harassment of destroying peoples homes is going to continue to happen again, again, again.

People need housing, and if you have skills that can be useful in that sense: come and join!