Big raid near Africa House

Big raid this morning, by about 30 CRS and PAF. Lots of people arrested (10-16) in the house across the street in front of Africa House, no arrests in AH. Municipality workers are building a wall at the entrance right now to prevent people from getting in. CRS raid CRS raid CRS raid

Yesterday morning there was a raid on the villa and Africa House shortly before 8 AM. Two CRS vans drove up front, the guys hung out without really getting in and left. In the meantime a PAF AV and one PAF car went to the villa and took 6 people. After about 1.30h the PAF came back to Africa House. We were on our leave by then and just ignored them. They didn’t take anyone but when we came back in the evening, there was glass shattered all over the place we sleep.

Tuesday there was a massive raid on the Iranian jungle and everybody got arrested including two sick women. When they returned all their personal belongings had disappeared, including their clothes, shoes, tents, blankets, three mobile phones and a camera. Several Iranians were arrested at the beach Wednesday night.

Several raids and arrests at the Palestinian squat, in the biggest raid 6 people were arrested on Saturday 21st, three of the people had papers.

The Hazara have been also visited every day by police and on Saturday 21st 4 Hazara were arrested including a 13 years old boy, but more often people manage to hide in the bushes where they sleep and the police do not find them; there is a helicopter usually followed by police on foot going to disturb the Hazara every day at lunch time.

Regular police raids on the Pashto jungle too, most of the people who are still there have papers.

More migrants from all different communities get arrested on the streets any time, there are CRS vans and arrest vans touring Calais all the time day and night and asking papers to everyone who looks foreign or dark skinned. For people who have no papers it is really impossible to stay or to rest anywhere.

A newly arrived family from Afghanistan (Hazara) with two small children were found trying to sleep in a park yesterday morning, after being picked up by police at night. They are now in a safe place.

An activist was arrested in park Richelieu the night between Tuesday and Wednesday for not having papers, she resisted arrest and was assaulted. Her friends tried to intervene and were assaulted too and pepper spray was used on them. 6 activists were involved in the incident and several CRS and PAF. The arrested activist was taken to Coquelles police station and soon released.