Pashto elude CRS

The Pashto jungle was raided at 2 am today and some underage boys aged 14 to 16 were arrested and taken to Coquelles, from where they had to walk back for approx 1 hr 45 min. Three of the same boys were arrested again in front of the food distribution place at approx 3.30 together with two adults. The boys were soon released and turned up at food distribution in the evening.

The Pashto jungle was raided again in the evening shortly after dark. Three CRS vans turned up at the gate and everybody started going towards hiding places. The three vans than went but two returned shortly after, from the motorway this time where they parked; everybody who was still around was ready to run so they did not catch anybody, but they followed the Pashto in the bushes over the motorway and spent some time trying to find them. They returned empty handed. Some CMS activists had arrived on the spot, alerted by activists already present, and one said to the CRS ‘Good evening, where are the migrants?’ We sat and chat with the Pashto for a while. Pashto 1 – CRS 0.

Sadly, the CRS returned later when everybody was sleeping and made numerous arrests.