New CRS unit is in town

Plenty of CRS vans were seen roaming about the town last night but we neither witnessed nor heard of any arrests. This may have been because a new unit has taken over and were getting to know the area. The calm didn’t last long; by the next morning they had arrested scores of people.

The first to be hit were the Pashtuns, in what is a daily routine. One PAF car and one arrest van drove into the ‘jungle’ from the motorway. Residents were alerted to the presence of the police and only two were arrested. The police attempted to take an activist’s camera.

The CRS arrived 15 minutes later with two vans but did not manage to catch anyone else.

They then turned their attention to the food distribution site, in breach of an agreement between the local authority and the charities. Two people were arrested there at 8.40am as they waited for the charity, Auberge des Migrants, to arrive and give out tea and breakfast. Both men had papers and are therefore thought to have been arrested unlawfully.

Twenty minutes later, five people were arrested near Hangar Kronsdadt.

Two more migrants with papers were arrested near the site of the food distribution (outside the BCMO building) at 10am.

At the same time, the CRS were seen on their way to the Kurdish jungle. They spent so much time hassling activists for their papers that they didn’t seem to bother with the jungle.

CRS vans were seen roaming around town all morning looking for more targets to meet their arrest quotas.