A raid was made on the Pashtun jungle at 6.30 am on Tuesday morning. No Borders activists were present and able to alert the people sleeping there. 7 Afghans were arrested, two of whom had papers and were therefore apparently arrested unlawfully.

The police then went to the site of food distribution and detained five people in breach of an agreement not to make arrests there.

The police then spent the rest of the afternoon roaming around Calais, hassling and arresting migrants whenever they had the chance.

Various groups of No Borders activists were on patrol on this morning. A large raid was made on the Hazara jungle with around 6 police vehicles. They managed to arrest one 12 year old boy. The PAF (Police Aux Frontieres) were aggressive with the activists and attempted to remove them by force. Two undercover officers were present.

A raid also took place on the Pashtun jungle yet again, this time at around 6am. Tents were destroyed and blankets were stolen.