Big Raid on Africa House II

A large raid took place as we were having a meeting in Africa House on Thursday morning. The CRS broke open the gate and approximately 20 officers marched in. They lined us all up, insisting that we face the wall keep our hands up against it. One particularly officious officer from the PAF was so keen to stop us seeing what they were doing that he viciously kicked an activist in the heel to make them comply.

No-one was permitted to film. One No Borders activist outside the place was violently handcuffed for filming and had her camera destroyed.

Police took personal papers, urinated on peoples’ bedding and poured oil in the sleeping areas. They evicted us, although the place has been re-occupied.

Later that day, undercover police (BAC) were spotted roaming the park frequented by migrants, asking people for their papers. They went mad as soon as people were alerted to their presence and we started to film them, refusing to give an activist back her passport until the footage was handed over. The activist refused and after a a farcical argument the passport was returned to her without having had to produce the camera.


Preparing for a raid


Undercover police (BACs)

2 Kurds were also arrested at around 9.30pm, and a raid was made on the Sudanese jungle.