Food distro and Dunkerque visit

There are quite a lot of us on the ground at the moment.

We have been distributing one meal a day in the jungles to compensate for the absence of Salam, but from tonight plan to take raw ingredients in the van and prepare food with migrants as we want to encourage as much autonomy as is feasible in the current circumstances. We have been going to a different jungle each night, distributing large quantities of rice and veg, and bread local bakeries have kindly donated.

The numbers of migrants have fallen quite a bit over the past few months. There are fewer Pashtuns, and more kurds. There a still quite a lot of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Sudanese people.

We have heard there may be even more migrants in neighbouring Dunkerque than in Calais right now; some of us are going to visit the place next week to check out the situation.