Calais migrants facing starvation

Calories: the real count

According to an expert dietologist we contacted, the migrants are getting less than a third of the calories required per day when the Belle Etoile are on ‘duty’, that is 850 calories when the daily calories amount recommended for an adult male is 2450 !!! At the week end instead the food is quite enough, as Auberge des Migrantes who give the lunch at the week-ends are cooking more and also giving big bags full of food for the evening, plus there are some charity coming from the Netherlands who also give food at week-ends.

A typical meal from Belle Etoile, about 850 calories, the recommended daily amount is 2450.

Salam association are on holiday for all the month of July – they were giving the morning breakfast and evening dinner. When they return, Belle Etoile will go on holidays, also for a month. In the past, Calais migrants could cook in their camps and squats but now most camps have been destroyed and squats closed down and there is nowhere people can cook. People sleep out here and there and everywhere, with no shelter, with the police constantly harassing and arresting them, and they are eating portions that are consistent with starvation.

We have already been criticized by the Mayor for helping people in the streets without authorization, after we started preparing some food and eat it out with the migrants. I wonder if there is a new law that forbids having picnics with your friends in parks and woods? We did ask the associations to help with making some evening meals in July, before starting doing ourselves: they refused.